DWQA QuestionsCategory: MetaphysicsWhat exactly is a Kundalini Awakening?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is simply a re-opening and the realignment of the chakras to allow a surge of life force energy to be received, and is commonly experienced with various types of healing maneuvers that will, at least for a time, restore greater energy flow and bring relief when a person has been starved for a time through blockage of their chakras by spirit attachments, particularly. As we have described, this is the game they play to shut things down and then when an emergency ration is sent via the higher self to compensate, they will allow the chakra to reopen for a while so it will flow in readily, but much will be siphoned off for the spirits themselves as a kind of reward for their mischief. This is why most healers can benefit their clients, but only to a certain extent because the relief they achieve is typically a short-term improvement in energy flow. But they are not truly addressing its causes, so the problems will recur. The solution is a thorough cleansing and removal of all outside consciousness on the part of dark spirits or other intruders, and some repair to the bodily systems to restore an optimum balance, and spiritual strengthening as well as imposition of protection measures. There may well be a need for very deep karmic repair the practitioner will be ill-equipped to provide, to reverse a state of vulnerability to such manipulations making the person an easy target who will get in trouble again and again. There are also earthbound human spirits who are quite intransigent and refractory to healing help from the divine realm, and can be a major healing challenge that requires some time to achieve their ultimate removal so the host can be restored to a normal energetic state of being. Most spirit removal practitioners will be unable to deal with the more serious spirits perturbing their clients. So there is a range of possible scenarios here in the cause of liabilities and the healing needed.