DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsA practitioner wrote to point out I said: “I do not intend to raise my vibration when I channel, it just happens. Most of what we experience vibrationally is a byproduct of our intentions.” He responded: “If you are not intending it, but it is a byproduct of your intention then does that mean that you can ask Creator to define in words to us what your intention is to help us and other Lightworker Healing Protocol practitioners get into that energy, too? I know you do talk about raising your vibration a lot, but to others that is only relative to what they know. There is no reference for what that energy is or feels like.” Can you help us understand the concept of vibration in this context?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

The vibration you perceive is the vibration of loving kindness expressed to a high degree. This is a vibration of purity and freedom from discord, doubt, fear, or other types of negativity being experienced in the moment which would lower the vibration unavoidably. This speaks to the need for implementing Protocol work when one is in a good frame of mind and relatively untroubled—the less so, the better. This is what your channel enjoys from being in alignment in general, and in particular wanting very much to help his clients by doing his very best, and has great loving concern for them and their struggles. He is a generous soul and very sensitive to suffering of others in general. This is a strength given his overall good divine alignment, because what it triggers within him is compassion and this is the highest of vibrations. So this is simply a makeup of his character and soul expression and cannot be ordered up simply by a verbal description and followed as in doing calisthenics. It is a deeper level of awareness and a higher state of being we speak of. This is clearly not above human reach or your channel would not be doing it. It is something to aspire to and, in fact, is very much a requisite for enlightenment—a common desire and goal of the current generation of humans who are awakened. This can be worked on and cultivated.

With respect to his channeling, keep in mind that others who achieve the same level of vibration will not automatically be able to channel in the way he does. That is a function of the inner intuitive gateway and its particular expression. This is quite variable among individuals and normally is impossible to do because there is too great a malfunction to allow channeling to happen. There are many people who can channel lower frequency vibrational beings, in particular troubled spirits that might be possessing them, but will have difficulty connecting with something beyond themselves. The twin problems are a lack of natural intuitive ability and thereby few spontaneous experiences during the upbringing, to create the opportunity to experience examples of being successful with psychic abilities, to instill confidence which will help them grow and further develop innate capability.

The other limiting factor is whether there is a need of the divine realm to be working through a particular individual given other aspects of their makeup, their knowledge, their personality, soul characteristics on display, the agenda they may have, to take an interest in channeling, and an assessment of how they would likely perform given the demands and ethical considerations to serve the light in a way that is highest and best, so that there is no harm to the would-be channeler or others they wish to help. This is why we will not engage with people until they are truly ready. Until then, there may be a series of frustrating failures while attempting to channel. Many will give up too soon, but many will simply not find an attempt come to fruition because the variables in play simply will not support this being successful. So there is no simple formula we can give you for this.