DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersA viewer writes: “A friend of mine suggested I contact you to ask for help. It is for my father who suddenly became very ill in December and is suffering both physically and psychologically. Being now in what looks like an irreversible condition, he has lost interest for life. However, as his son, I would like to help him the best I can, if possible. Is it something you may help on, please?” What can we tell him?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Doing a session with the Lightworker Healing Protocol would be a true blessing. He has a confluence of difficulties, both from having spirit meddler interference in his life and his emotions, and having a karmic legacy that has been weighing on him and undermining him as well. This is very common and is a kind of leftover legacy of prior wounding that everyone reconnects to when they return to incarnate. They do not start from scratch with a fresh slate, so to speak, they pick up where they left off and their old karma is still rumbling and seeking a rebalancing in some way or another. Humans are unaware of this consciously, and so typically do nothing to help themselves, and the wound festers for many years with growing inner discord and negative influence on the body itself. This often leads to a physical illness or a state of becoming debilitated, lethargic, depressed, and anxious at times as well.

This session will not be a miracle transformation but is the best one can do to make up for lost time. The ongoing work will continue to benefit him and chip away at the backlog of unmet healing needs. He will have the further benefit, when his time comes, of making a smooth transition back to the light, and that also is valuable insurance to have working on his behalf. His future incarnations will be blessed as well from having much healing done as a consequence of the ongoing Protocol work. That is another major benefit of having the session performed, it will continue to work in perpetuity on his behalf and reconnect to him again when he returns in the future, and will continue to benefit his new life accordingly—these are major blessings that cannot be achieved in any other way.