DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersOne of the viewers saw Lucifer as a “created being” whose job was chaos to counter or offset ordered creation that was intended to create a balanced physical universe, but that he had rejected divine oversight and began to create chaos on his own. Can Creator comment on this observation? Would an analogy be the difference between a controlled demolition contractor and a terrorist bomber?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

This general characterization of Lucifer is accurate, that, first of all, he was a created being, as are all of you, he has a soul, as do you, and was granted eternal existence, as are you. The fact that he allowed his thinking to become corrupted and then began to operate out of divine alignment in service to his own ego was his downfall and that of many others who followed his example, seeking something more for themselves and, in achieving a temporary benefit, distanced themselves from the divine further and further and found it difficult to get back again. This has been a very long saga in developing the state of disconnection and dishevelment of Lucifer and his minions—they are at risk of perishing and he is the proximal cause.

So this well-known risk of power, that “Absolute power corrupts absolutely,” has applied once again in the story of Lucifer. This need not be so, but if not guarded against is a trap for the unwary. Even though your soul is immortal, if sufficiently wounded and it becomes dedicated to serving the darkness rather than the light, it will decline and decay over time and at some point may be irretrievable. That is why the dark fallen angelics have been cut off from life support, they continue on as predators of the living, drawing energy like a parasite from their divine energy field, but eventually, if they lack targets, will perish and their souls will be recycled as raw energy and they will be no more.