DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolCan Creator explain the benefits of purchasing repeat Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions for themselves and their loved ones?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

Doing repeated Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions at regular intervals is an outstanding treatment and maintenance program, both, to help people of all ages to work on their karmic backlog from having lived multiple lifetimes and leaving most trauma unresolved and unhealed. Those wounds cannot be surmounted with a single session, even using the Lightworker Healing Protocol, with its comprehensive reach and empowered requests for the highest and best divine healing approaches. This is for many reasons. Primarily, there is a limit in the reach of both the client and the practitioner with respect to making healing requests for anyone. It is the power of the human intention to request a divine intervention that truly fuels the process. So even though the highest and best divine response can be geared up as requested, It is the energy of the requests themselves in the way they are mounted that will govern, entirely, to what extent and for how long the divine can apply those very high-level techniques to work on the client’s issues and gain ground for them. This is surmounted by the way the Protocol is leveraged to pool the resources of all using the Protocol, and that adds a significant further benefit. In addition, the request to have each Protocol session repeated by going back to the original energy to repurpose it again and again and again, also means you will be getting much more than a single go-round from just one requested session done on your behalf.

The overall problem is, even with all of that repetition and pooling, the magnitude of each increment is only the magnitude of the practitioner request and the pooling of other single requests of other practitioners added together. Because of the weakness of human beings and their spiritual reach, given they are in the physical realm and their light is dim, even the pooled sum total of available human intention will be modest at best and allow but an incremental effort. For some problems, this may well be enough to turn the tide and relieve symptoms quickly. But for most things, especially the long-term chronic conditions and circumstances that are built on hundreds or even thousands of trauma events and their consequences to undermine the soul, the length of time required to turn things around from a single session might exceed the remaining lifespan of the client. The very best way to gain greater healing power from the Protocol is, in fact, to do actual repeat sessions. That will likely double the energy being applied with each repetition because it will be adding another equal or perhaps even larger practitioner intention, as well as the aggregate of pooled intentions yet again, to double those. And with a growing number of practitioners, that will be stronger as time goes on.

It is also the case that in general, the efficiency and effectiveness of practitioner work increases over time because all humans are growing and maturing and becoming more and more in spiritual alignment in a steady fashion. So all of the new energies brought to bear with a repeat session being done will be larger than before and more powerful, accordingly. So compared with a single session, a repeat session will double everything being done going forward energetically. And then a third session will triple the ongoing effort, and so on. It is wise and only sensible to take advantage of the physics of this situation with respect to healing energies and how things work through bringing in the divine realm in partnership, to bring about the greatest benefit. So reapplying the requests at intervals brings fresh energy and has a multiplying effect to amplify the benefits to the client. That can make all the difference in working on problems of long-standing or great seriousness, which themselves have a deep complicated history. Oftentimes, that will require a concerted effort to address an extremely high number of karmic woundings across many timelines to effect a resolution that ends negative symptoms, finally, as the symptoms are the last thing to resolve when healing is finally reaching a tipping point to ease things. This is designed into the system so that an incentive remains in place until the person who suffers has taken enough action to bring true healing to bear. The downside, of course, is suffering will persist even though a great healing effort is underway and gaining ground, but not appreciated until that turning point is reached.