DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolWhat frequency in requesting repeat Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions would be best to recommend for helping people work effectively on their karmic backlog of needed divine healing?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

It is not possible to give a single number as a rule of thumb, because needs will vary greatly and the individual course of events people need to see in terms of progress is largely unpredictable at the outset of a healing effort, even for us many times, because there are so many variables in play. So what takes place during the course of the healing endeavor will vary tremendously, and this creates great uncertainty. It is as much a financial consideration as a practical healing minimum requirement, in order to achieve progress. You prior and current recommendation to have annual sessions, we would say, is understating the need as well as the benefit. A biannual, or quarterly repetition, when there are ongoing serious issues, is certainly defensible and can be defended and justified readily from your experience and our teachings. When people are happy and simply want a safety net, some kind of insurance that anything untoward that is brewing will receive attention going forward, an annual session is better than nothing. Twice a year would be better, but at least an annual session allows an opportunity to step in if something is brewing and not yet being noticed through symptoms per se.

Many things, as you know, are silent until they become grave, so there are always risks. It is similar to the thought process and recommendation for people to have an annual physical checkup. This is what the doctors have in mind, that through a process of careful physical examination and laboratory analysis, subtle signs may well be detected to enable people to receive assistance in a more timely fashion than would be the case if they simply waited until symptoms appear and then sought the help of the physician, when things would be more advanced and likely more refractory to treatment. So there are many ways to position this to best advantage, to give people the idea of the benefit for them in being proactive. The main thing to emphasize here is that it is easier to prevent things than to heal them once they have manifested with physical signs and symptoms. That is always the case. It is the nature of energy and consciousness that makes it so. This is a kind of truism applying through all of life, that it is easier to fix a small problem than a large one, and this is something people can relate to from personal experience.