DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationChristian Haupt had severe asthma as a young child. It was speculated that it stemmed from Lou Gehrig’s death from ALS, which was in fact death from suffocation. Cathy Byrd wrote, “The combination of Christian’s asthma attack and the resurgence of his past life memories had created the perfect storm.” What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This is a key observation on the mother’s part and was informed by inner guidance she was receiving through her higher self to perceive this, and to share the story with the world in her writeup of the unusual life she had with this young fellow as a second go‑round. It is indeed the case that, as you know from all of your research, the vast majority, and in fact approximately 94%, of physical maladies have a karmic origin, meaning they are produced in the body in response to trauma of the past, and the majority of that trauma has actually occurred in prior lifetimes and not the current one. So trauma matters greatly because it not only affects the current life, it will project into the future if not healed and will reassert itself with the same negative influences in a future lifetime, and perhaps a series of lifetimes, if it is never reckoned with and rebalanced.

The Law of Karma makes this a personal responsibility to see to and if one does not heed the warning, but suffer the consequences without a full understanding of why one is suffering, that will not heal the person but more likely will make them worse in the future. So in a future life, the problem will come back again, and perhaps with even greater force, eventually even reaching a level where it is fatal, and then the person starts to die young, and that can happen in life after life until something intervenes to bring healing for the underlying karmic history. That is best done through the workings of the divine realm and is how we heal people and their problems, it being essential, as most human problems are a consequence of a karmic setup making the person vulnerable and bringing about symptoms.

In this case, the parallel was a respiratory interference diagnosed as asthma but was, in effect, mimicking the prior life’s struggle with what proved to be a fatal inability to breathe. Indeed, asthma can kill, so this was a karmic setup to create a similar dilemma, so it is a testament to how the life was lived in that reincarnation that things did not reach that severe a point and it is likely now, as we see it, that having lived through the inconvenience and discomfort and negative consequences of coping with asthma, provides sufficient karmic payback for the prior obligations, that this will not reoccur, having been rebalanced through, in effect, paying dues for the prior trauma that could not be overcome in the life as Lou Gehrig.