DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationLou Gehrig and Babe Ruth were the best of friends but then had an extreme falling out. In response to criticism from Lou’s mother, Babe Ruth sent a message to Lou saying, “Never speak to me again off the field.” As legend would have it, the two men never acknowledged each other from that day forward. Christian Haupt looked at a photograph of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig standing together. “Even though Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth played baseball together and took pictures together,” he said to his mother, Cathy Byrd, “They didn’t talk to each other.” Cathy Byrd writes, “It was a statement right out of the baseball history books, but Christian still didn’t know how to read, and there was no reasonable explanation as to how he would know such a thing.” Christian not only “knew” this, but felt it intensely. Just seeing pictures of Babe Ruth upset the boy deeply. He was clearly emotionally scarred from what happened between himself and his former best friend, and it carried over full force into the current life. What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This is a true and accurate accounting of what took place and its meaning. The boy truly knew more than he could have, and this indeed is powerful proof he was truly recollecting a prior life as Lou Gehrig, and knew the relationship he had had with Babe Ruth in the past, and could still feel the emotions of the dislike and mistrust that were cultivated from the falling out in that prior lifetime, just as the mother perceived and wondered about because it was seemingly impossible to be the case and, of course, that was the point of the exercise, to bring forward a validation with evidence that was striking and difficult to explain away, demonstrating awareness of a prior lifetime relationship in order to serve the divine mission, to teach the world about the reality of reincarnation.