DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsElizabeth Clare Prophet took over The Summit Lighthouse when her husband Mark L. Prophet died in 1973. He founded this organization in 1958 to spread a message combining elements of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Theosophy. The New York Times had this to say upon her death in 2009: “In 1975, she founded the Church Universal and Triumphant, a formal religion with ceremonies and sacraments, extending the work of the Lighthouse. The religion’s teachings were derived from divine messages believed to be transmitted by the Ascended Masters, a pantheon of mystic saints and sages, among them Jesus and the Theosophist Master El Morya. Its worldwide membership was once estimated at 30,000 to 50,000 people.” What can Creator tell us about Elizabeth Clare Prophet? Did she really receive messages from Ascended Masters?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Unfortunately, this very spiritual person, who only wanted to help humanity as was her life mission, fell under the oversight and corrupting influence of the Extraterrestrial Alliance, as happens to most channelers reaching out with blind faith they can connect to something lofty, or at least are deserving. And when that outreach is answered, they will be taken in because they are not expecting anything to be in strong opposition to the divine realm. So her good intentions were all she needed to reassure herself that she was, indeed, chosen and touched by the divine to have such a gift, and used it again and again and again in would-be service to humanity.

But, as with all channelers, while 95% of the information coming from the channeled source seems in alignment and will be uplifting, and often feels extremely positive and rewarding, there will be constraints on what can be achieved. There is endless reference to divine workings, lofty intentions, talk of love, morality, and so on, but little that is much beyond prior knowledge and teachings. What is happening is the interlopers are simply feeding back to the channelers spiritual principles, beliefs, and lore obtained throughout the ages in monitoring human culture. They know how to walk the walk and talk the talk, seemingly, in shaping a message to fit the questioner’s yearnings, but on close inspection what you will see is it is always promises, reassurances, a pat on the back, a chuck under the chin, encouragement, and reminders of the power of people themselves and their love, to work wonders, and so on.

That feels good because it is in divine alignment as far as it goes. The problem is the messages will never empower a person to do much beyond wanting things to be better and reinforcing the idea they are on the right track, but this is why true answers for problems and the true nature of what one is dealing with, in a deep mechanistic sense, to confront evil and describe its origins and mode of action turning up here, there, and everywhere, will be avoided. And that is because the interlopers do not want you to find out your problems all come from them. So such channelings can keep alive the flame, so to speak, in the hopes and hearts of people wanting a spiritual foundation for their lives and want to live their faith. It will be more a holding action by creating a diversion, a cul‑de‑sac that keeps people complacent in giving them what they wish to hear and reinforcing the message, “They have what they need and all they need,” when that is not truly the case. The world suffers mightily, and these spiritual notions are not the antidote needed. You must deal with the problem of evil and resolve it once and for all to have fairness and a further and deeper understanding of the world and its workings.

So these spiritual leaders were responding to their mission in wanting to help people find their way to truth. They themselves had blinders on from manipulation to keep them constrained, so their contributions are noteworthy but not a full answer for what humanity needs to right the ship and save the day. Imposters engaged with channelers can impersonate anyone, any figure, because everything is on record so it is not difficult for them to adopt the perspective or persona of a historical figure, even a lofty one, not that they believe the teachings and beliefs and knowledge proffered by the Ascended Masters, for example, or other religious figures. They simply know what to tell people who already believe and want to hear such things. It is a way of keeping them complacent and satisfied that they have the answers they need when that is not truly the case. To make matters worse, there is a further manipulation of all the followers of a false prophet—that will be seen to as a further way of reinforcing complacency, to disempower them.