DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsIn the late 1980s, Mrs. Prophet issued warnings of an impending nuclear strike by the Soviet Union against the United States. More than 2,000 of her followers left their homes and gathered at the church’s compound near Corwin Springs, Montana, near the northern edge of Yellowstone National Park. There they began stockpiling weapons, food, and clothing in underground bomb shelters. Of course, the prophesized nuclear strike never happened, and the Church went into rapid decline after this, and today a much smaller remnant remains. What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

There are several lessons to be gained from this episode. People looking at the future may well see disaster looming because it is actually a future projection of the current reality, and may well reflect true and accurate future potentials based on decisions being made by the interlopers controlling the world, who often have dark designs on your future, so someone seeing the future projection of the current reality may well perceive shocking scenes of destruction, mayhem, and death on a widespread scale. What has happened historically at such junctures is divine providence, through the ability to use enough human prayer power to stay the hand of the interlopers, and find a way to encourage them to delay things at least, even for selfish reasons, but this ends up saving humanity for a while longer and buys time to continue working on the problem of evil.

Many people yearn for this but do not understand the full panorama, its origins, nor what they need to do, ideally, to provide a solution. This must come from them because it is the nature of the exercise to see, can the delay of karmic consequences to allow greater freedom, latitude, and wide-open possibilities to explore and experiment be successful without allowing or causing, in effect, evil to get a foothold and rise in power to ruin things? That is what has been going on in your galaxy for millions of years now. Things are off the rails, so to speak, and need a tremendous divine intervention with effective healing, not simply to stay the hand of would-be destroyers but to raise them up enough they will withdraw as a first step in allowing things to change through the healing of humanity, and further healing for the interlopers themselves to keep things on an upward path instead of a downward one.

Because they have decided for quite some time now to annihilate humanity as a parting shot, having grown tired of their endless manipulations and the burden it has grown to become, they must contend with those who can see the future. Because the future is always in flux and might change, and can be deliberately changed by the interlopers, then a human would-be prophet might be held up to ridicule, as was the case here with Mrs. Prophet and her dire prediction. So an important lesson about future predictions is, if they do not turn out to be real, it might not be because the psychic prediction was wrong, only that the future changed between the time of the prediction and reaching the future timeline, only to see the dire event sidestepped or not in evidence at all. So there is a danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, to blame the prophet, when the problem is future predictions are inherently unreliable to begin with.

The third thing we can tell you about this whole episode is she was seeing images implanted in her mind of an earlier planned annihilation. So she was correct in seeing there would be wholesale destruction ahead but believed it would be sooner than actually the case. This was a purposeful deception to alarm her and persuade her to go on record with warnings of the imminent destruction of many through a ghastly nuclear war. This would seem counterintuitive, after all, why would the aliens warn humanity that an annihilation is looming? But it is actually a clever deception designed to disempower the psychics who will see this future eventuality because they have that capability, even when it is a propaganda campaign to create a series of doomsday prophecies by varied individuals that fail to come about. It will be even more aberrant if those would-be prophets promote a severe survivalist response or even mass suicide to help spare people from the grisly horrors of seeing world destruction, and it turns into a genuine tragedy, not just a loss of someone’s reputation and a disheartening of their followers.

The purpose of these episodes, which are all arranged in advance to take place through manipulations, is to lull the populace into complacency, believing such doomsayers are never reliable, and should simply be ignored, and the information discounted altogether. This is a classic example of crying wolf too many times; it ends up making people believe there are no wolves when the opposite is the case. In reality, the extraterrestrials have planned human annihilation to commence within the next five years now and are ramping up many distortions of society, setbacks, harmful circumstances, and negative situations of all kinds to weaken you and make everyone more vulnerable. You are always sitting ducks, but they need to weaken you so you cannot fly.

The GetWisdom enterprise is a case in point. Your ability to get divine communication directly that is authentic, and reveals dire predictions that are true and likely, without divine intervention at least, puts you now at a disadvantage because you will look much like the many who have come before who cried wolf. So even as you are told the wolf is at the door, you as well, will now be seen with skepticism and even derision as another hapless, delusional, or misguided prophet instead of offering a genuine divine warning.