DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Lost Soul SpiritsFor all of these mediums, one of the primary services they perform is helping those still living to heal. So many grieving people are consumed with worry about whether the departed are okay and not suffering. But for one-third of the departed, they in fact are not okay and are indeed suffering. Is this sometimes being picked up by their relatives, that their loved one REALLY is in trouble? What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

Here again, it may be a divine clue that there is more going on than people suppose. Grief is normal and natural, and experienced universally in one way or another, depending on the level of closeness people allow themselves to feel when a relationship has ended through death of a party. Unrelenting grief is a diagnostic indicator of an emotional need being unmet, but the mainstream support systems are unable to offer deep healing and repair for such things. It might be based on a karmic history of repeated loss of loved ones being reawakened on the death of a loved one in the current life, and all of that prior wounding brings with it the energetic signature of the pain involved, and that will worsen the current situation dramatically, and because there is no direct way for people to heal all of that baggage, it will often persist beyond the point where people normally are beginning to recover and engage with life again, and the result will be they remain unhappy. It is also the case many times that loved ones will sense the departed soul of their family member is unhappy, and they will not understand this with precision but will feel unhappy themselves with their thoughts about that individual. So it is not just their being gone, there is some other element adding to the pain they are separated and can do nothing about the situation, not realizing this is a kind of red flag their loved one might be calling out to them from being in limbo, lost, and wanting them close—that circumstance often results in the departing spirit finding their way to a loved one in the living and attaching to their energy.

The deep subconscious mind of a living person can sense when a departed spirit of a loved one is reaching out to them and will typically invite them in to give them comfort and reassurance. This will often allow an actual attachment of the consciousness of that departed loved one within the body energy field. This can be a safe haven in helping that spirit avoid torment by predators, but it creates a complication for the loved one in the living. For one thing, the departed spirit is troubled, that is why it is earthbound to begin with, it is not in its normal healthy frame of mind but confused and disturbed, and that energy will be noticed and felt by the host, not with clarity and not on a conscious level, except through glimmers intuitively there is something about their loved one, and that loss that is haunting them, not realizing the ghost of their loved one resides within their energy as a waystation and a kind of prison. The answer is divine healing to reach out to that spirit and begin to heal the karmic wounds causing that earthbound status, and eventually raise it sufficiently it can cooperate with light callers and return that spirit to the heavenly realm, removing it from the body of a relative providing that temporary haven, and that will help bring relief to the person in the physical who concludes their grief is finally resolving, and not realizing they have received divine assistance for their loved one to make that happen.

There are many cases where such spirit attachments will remain in a living human lifelong, because there is not a spiritual focus and people in ignorance are not doing the right things to bring about a divine rescue, and it might well be the case that having a troubled spirit of a loved one attached at the time of their passing will prevent the living relative as well, from making it back to the light, who will then end up in limbo along with the energy of the loved one who predeceased them. So they provide a safe haven, but it is not truly safe, and it might end up victimizing them as well. The answer here is focused attention to the problem of transition and mounting a rescue effort across the board for all lost soul spirits to save them from this fate, as well as all who care about them from the karmic consequences being entangled with tragedy, even without the conscious awareness it can touch their lives.