DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersIn a previous channeling on Lucifer, Creator said, “In the particular universe you find yourselves at the moment, things were more successful than the prior iteration.” Can Creator elaborate on that statement? The current universe is estimated to be about 14.5 billion years old. Where on that timeline did the so-called “War in Heaven” start to become a serious problem? Was there karmic baggage from previous universes that played a role to trigger and help to fuel the current dilemma?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

As we have explained before, the War in Heaven was a local skirmish, taking place within the angelic realm serving the Milky Way Galaxy. There was, and is, a physical compartmentalization energetically of the Milky Way at all levels, including the higher astral plane of the heavenly realm where humans return following incarnating as a physical human. This is to provide safety, because of the known risks we foresaw through prior experience, in allowing greater freedom of beings we created to make their own way and have greater latitude to make personal choices and live with the consequences, unbridled by rapid karmic correction of any faulty thought and actions causing harm to the self or others. So that is the trade-off, that having greater latitude to act boldly, take greater risks, and enjoy the exhilaration of being daring, knowing that there will be time to correct any resulting imperfections, will encourage all beings to venture forth in a bolder fashion, allowing greater use of their courage and daring, and thus able to achieve more, and more quickly, also.

In effect, we were removing the brakes that could save you from yourselves if there are too many missteps leading to serious corruption. If that is allowed to go on for too long, it can grow to dangerous proportions, and that is the story of Lucifer, in a nutshell. Knowing that was possible from prior iterations of the universe, we redesigned things in ways we believed would result in a greater likelihood of success with this new outing and, indeed, within the timeline you describe, this “War in Heaven,” as you call it, only reached a serious level of difficulty during the most recent third of the universe’s existence in current form. What that illustrates is meaningful to us, knowing the prior iterations were shorter-lived because of more rapidly reaching a point of no return, in the sense of things becoming unworkable and needing to be retooled with a restart, essentially from scratch, to start over with a reconfiguration of many fundamental assumptions in the configuration of all of the energetics comprising the makeup of the universe. The most recent prior universe was not a total loss because many of you were created prior to the emergence of that grand creation event, and thus are old souls, veterans of all that has come before—the fact you were not recycled but retained as a proven useful starting point is a testament to your potential as well as current value in all that is unfolding.

What you have run into with the War in Heaven occurring within your galaxy, the crucible for testing the key possibility of having free agency and free will to a much greater degree than the rest of the universe, was not the consequence of karmic baggage but the inherent possibility of the rise of evil, being a polar opposite of divinity. This is inevitable in an environment of total allowing where everything can potentially have an opposite, and the energetics make this so unless there are constraints built in, in how energy is configured. To have maximum flexibility and the greatest possible attainment from the exercise, this requires taking some risk, that this potential duality might get out of hand. This, in fact, is what happened in the prior iterations, that they ended in failure by becoming unworkable, requiring a grand recycling to start over. While a painful and agonizing choice for those beings with an investment in those attempts, that hard-won learning has been the key in the reimagining of more optimal strategies working much better in this new go-round, and this is why we are optimistic that you will pass the test, finally, and graduate from this learning phase which is, in effect, a proving ground to establish the feasibility and validity of Creator’s Plan for your greater freedom and range of options and choices being allowed through delaying karmic consequences.

It is still not a given you will succeed and, in fact, you are barreling towards a climactic turning point, and it is still not certain you will advance further as the universe might again be unwound to go back to the drawing board, so to speak. This is why your role in making the correct choices, to strive for a balance of power within yourselves while using your greatest skills and abilities appropriately, will be a test of you and a final validation that we planned correctly, and even though the pendulum has swung heavily to a negative extreme, all will not be lost, but much gained through hard-won learning that will allow you to influence things in a way that the pendulum will never again swing back that far, but rather a narrower range that is marked by higher and higher highs as well as higher lows with each excursion in the flux of energy in play.