DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlI got a desperate phone message from a client asking me to pray for him. I see that he is under attack, but not having actual spirit attachments. Is this just his fear continuing because he is still sensing he is under siege, even though with no real danger to him as long as he stands strong?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

You, indeed, are correct here in how you see this. You have not been misled. They are trying mightily to get to him, to make him stumble, to make him waver, so they will be successful invading his aura and taking up residence. So far, that is not working but he is picking up an awareness he is still under siege and this has rattled him, understandably, given the history and his exquisite sensitivity energetically. This is the hardest thing for people blessed with intuitive ability to cope with, as a consequence of their gifts. It is much like taking someone with delicate sensibilities and dropping them into a dark swamp where they will be surrounded by creepy, crawling, things, predatory species, and filth of all kinds, all of which are hazards and can be painful. We were not misleading you about his situation, nor you, in telling him that strengthened and renewed healing work will add to the picture and all that is been done on his behalf is working. Even so, he does remain the weakest link here. The energies and intentions of his caregivers doing the healing sessions on his behalf are still strong, and that is easy for them to maintain because they are not the ones under attack. Our energies are still strong because we are unwavering in the face of evil always, and wanting to champion the human cause here, but we cannot overstep the boundaries imposed by human choice. If people choose to live in fear we cannot stop them. If they choose to be vulnerable, we cannot stop what might befall them when they drop their guard.

We see your client as holding up despite himself, and that is a good starting point. The healing will work to lessen the fears, but will take time because much is based on events in other lifetimes where he was attacked and truly harmed repeatedly, from the forces of evil. Most humans have this history in the mix with their karma, and it does cause clouds to gather when there is a setback in the current life and the deep subconscious mind goes looking for parallels and will always find them, because that dark history has not been fully healed. This, as you know, is what is underway with the human enterprise, given the virtue of divine support through the Lightworker Healing Protocol. So it is underway, but far from complete as yet. He, along with everyone else, will be a beneficiary when that goal is reached. In the meantime, he needs to do his part to trust in us and in himself. If he focuses on the reality he is worthy of God’s love and has it in abundance for the asking, for we truly cherish him and all he has done for the cause of the divine, which includes himself and his fellow humans, he can know we are not misleading him or overselling or overpromising what is possible, to maintain his safety and a positive future. Together, he and I can make this happen. It takes the both of us, and we will be here for him whenever there is a need. If he reaches out for help, we will always answer the call and work to support him.