DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessIn the quest to stop human annihilation, it has been emphasized that the rounding up of the fallen angelics should be considered a high priority. Previously, Creator said the divine realm was operating what was essentially a “catch and release” program, that the fallen angel was given a choice of rehabilitation, or released back into the lower astral plane. Is this why an energy barrier around Earth is so important now? Creator recently said the fallen angelics have forfeited their free will standing. What does that mean in terms of their “round-up?” Is it still catch and release? Can Creator explain how The Lightworker Healing Protocol is central to this activity?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

The fallen angelics are truly on their own. They still maintain the ability to prey on the living as an obligate parasite, meaning they cannot survive unless there is a living host to draw energy from. So when lost in space, so to speak, and wandering about the lower astral plane, they can only survive for a period of time unless they can find a source of energy from a living being currently supported by the divine realm and tap it to siphon energy. So the fact they have forfeited their free will standing does not mean they will be killed actively on sight by the divine, only that they are no longer supported energetically. This holds out hope of their eventual rescue if beings in the physical become aware of their dilemma in being preyed upon, take pity on their adversaries, and arrange for their healing by the divine realm.

In the meantime, we still can only do so much to ensure that healing, because the fallen angels themselves can still say “no” and, in those cases, they will be released and can be a continued menace. That is why clever strategies to provide a barrier around the Earth can make a difference in providing a greater zone of safety that favors the eventual success of the broad healing effort underway to help save humanity, and to rescue the members of the Extraterrestrial Alliance, who are truly in control of things, as the first order of business, because without that happening, you will not be let alone to continue healing but will be attacked again and again by the extraterrestrials seeking to harm you for their own selfish reasons and perverse pleasure in doing so.

As a species, humans have been on a treadmill for most of their existence in a kind of holding action against all of the opposition hurled against you to keep you off-balance and struggling. That is not only not truly a way to live that is worth living, but a prescription for your eventual destruction. Because you are valued by the divine, this will not destroy you but may destroy the experiment underway that has been a living laboratory to teach you about the nature of evil and how to surmount it. If you are successful in that challenge, you will graduate to a higher level of being, in a higher dimension, and will become teachers and healers for other civilizations throughout the universe, and never again will be under the power and control of the depraved beings you deal with currently.

The central tool you need to make this happen is the Lightworker Healing Protocol to bring about the healing of the extraterrestrials so they can, at a minimum, withdraw from the Earth for a long enough interval for you to complete healing sufficiently to ascend to the higher dimension that is your destiny to inhabit—that will forever keep you safe from their depredations and destructive impulses. From that higher plane, you will still be able to be an agent for change and can work to continue their healing, and save them eventually, without yourselves being at risk.

To implement this grand plan, you need to be in a divine partnership, with the Lightworker Healing Protocol as the means of communication in defining what is needed and what you want the divine realm to do explicitly. Without that information and wisdom it contains, you will not have the wherewithal to stand up to your adversaries and will be at their mercy, and fairly soon, in carrying out an annihilation that will end this experiment once and for all. The choice is yours in what you wish to see happen and what you need to do to guarantee your future—it is up to you to decide.