DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessAt the time of the war in heaven, is it safe to say that every participant that was expelled, knew at the time about life force energy, knew about karma, and knew about the divine realm’s rules, etc? In their current extremely depraved condition, do they still retain memory and understanding of these realities? Dr. Gary Schwartz in his book, The G.O.D. Experiments, recounts what a dear friend once said to him, “When I dislike something, it stops me from understanding it.” Is it true that the fallen angelics are so full of dislike for the light that they have essentially lost all understanding of it?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

This is a simplistic description for the truth of things, but is accurate enough to help you understand what reaching such a desperate condition is like, and the obstacles to making a recovery to save oneself when one has reached an extreme degree of separation from divine alignment. It is true that the fall from grace that started initially was done with a certain level of naiveté. Because God is so loving, there was a complacency in all beings from taking that so for granted, for so very long, that that love would always be there. Given the conditions of free will and free agency where karma was held in abeyance and beings had greater latitude to be daring, take risks, and experiment with their own power in an unhindered way without karma to keep them reined in, this created an opportunity to make mistakes in such a way that recovery became harder and harder and eventually, impossible.

This is what is meant by “a slippery slope” as a metaphor that aptly illustrates how someone could start on a dark path and not simply retrace their steps because the energies are headed downward, and when one is out of alignment, one begins to lose the wherewithal for self-control, and that stacks everything against you in being able to recover and return to alignment fully on your own. In effect, being out of alignment distances you from the divine, so communication is lessened, clarity will suffer, and self‑awareness along with it. So even though an outreach was attempted again and again, it was the inability to perceive it and understand it fully that made it fail to turn things around for many of the fallen angels in time to prevent their demise, and it still remains an ongoing risk.

So the enterprising, who can find a living host to prey on, are continuing to hang on, but that will not last forever. Unfortunately, they lack the wherewithal for self-correction because that was lost long ago and may well resist all attempts to heal them, even with human requests of the divine to do all they can. Time will tell how things play out. We know it is possible for healing to happen, and that many can still be saved—that is very worth doing because it will raise humans to new heights in the doing, and that will stand for all of time as the greatest of achievements.