DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaSome of the most successful spies in history were women. How important a role have women spies played in the large dramas of human history?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Women have figured in many scenarios involving espionage all through human history, and that is because men have their women and women have their men, so they are omnipresent except perhaps on the battlefield in most eras, but because of the most common situation where soldiers at all levels of rank often have loved ones and intimate partners, even through casual acquaintanceships, in sharing intimacy there is a natural desire to share something about oneself and what is on one’s mind. This has many times paved the way to reveal secret knowledge that can be exploited by the listener if they have ulterior motives or are under duress and being pressured to carry out spying on behalf of an opponent, for example. So women are in a position often privy to important information and can be used to advantage and also exploited, subverted, and threatened in ways to make them cooperate with spying, so there are many situations that turn out badly from love relationships gone wrong.

By the same token, the desire for intimate partnerships creates an ideal point of vulnerability that has likewise been exploited deliberately to use women as spies to gain the trust of opponents and learn their secrets and report back their newfound knowledge. This clearly has its unsavory aspects and also the same ethical complications as much of it will involve unsavory conduct in a moral sense that will have karmic consequences, and again is a question of motive and choices in terms of what might be at stake in the larger picture for perhaps the lives of millions in need of at least some leverage through intelligence work that could help win the day, and preserve many lives in exchange for a woman living a lie for a time to gather information. So these are complicated situations and involve much drama and intrigue, but to be sure there are very large risks and consequences in the many nefarious plots that are promoted by the forces of evil to create warring factions and promote civil strife and international incidents that provoke war on a regular basis to keep tensions high and increase the likelihood of a conflagration being unleashed. So not being normal times, it is understandable that people in authority will turn to almost any means at their disposal to gain the upper hand, especially in being in the know about what the adversary is up to, as it can be lifesaving.

Women have often served in these roles with distinction and on balance have contributed greatly to human progress as a result. There are also some who have served the darkness as is true of men involved in supporting evil intentions, so the discussion is an important one because the world is always hanging in the balance of these competing perspectives and the workings of evil wanting to ramp up passions, increase tensions, and get the next conflagration going always with the possibility of “the next one being the last” if it truly gets out of hand and takes too great a toll to recover.