DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolPlease give us feedback about the following proposed addition to the Lightworker Healing Protocol, to help us understand what is incomplete, needs optimization for greater effectiveness, or might be added: “Importance of karmic trauma and the reincarnation paradigm. ‘Provide awareness and understanding of each individual’s journey through their series of incarnations and how that is recorded and open to inspection for learning and healing repair. Teach the principles of cause and effect, how they work over time to reward or punish, and how to partner with the divine to gain greater wherewithal to heal and overcome karmic challenges to wellbeing.'” Is there anything missing that would be helpful to add in getting the most benefit?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago
Again, we see this as providing the essential ingredients for a basic foundation. It allows bringing together all the requests of the protocol, potentially, as teachable moments to bring suffering beings up to speed about a major liability that can be reckoned with and tamed, given appropriate learning and understanding of the paradigm. This will truly set beings free from their karmic liabilities and torment, and will help fulfill the objectives of the series here, to better arm and prepare individuals to take on the challenges of existence, and not only prevail but thrive despite the odds and many obstacles thrown in their way during the course of an incarnation.