DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolSince my Protocol work is solely focused on getting healing to as many perpetrators as possible – political leaders responsible for mass genocide, prisoners, extraterrestrials, US military locations and top personnel, MAP locations, top personnel and abductees and fallen angels – is the failure to solve my personal legal trouble a setup from something much larger to keep me sidelined and in doubt, so I question myself and the effectiveness of the Protocol and involvement in it?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

This indeed describes what we have been saying, that the consequence of this seeming failure has been eroding your belief in the possibilities and can be transferred to other enterprises as well given half a chance. But the doubts are all needless because there is a simple explanation and the answer is at hand, and it is simply the human component in the equation that you have an extra complication that would not be present for anyone else using the Protocol for your situation, to work on you and the other parties involved, but you cannot do this yourself.

That is a very small and local deficiency and will be true for many, many others working on particular things of great personal value and interest to them, but not for work they might do on behalf of others, so it is a teachable moment that will help many others to understand no one is perfect. There will always be an occasional area of weakness or blind spot from personal complications with projects they may take on and the object lesson then is: “If things are not improving, to seek additional help as a potential workaround and make up for any shortfall they bring to the exercise.” If that doesn’t help, then you can be sure the problem is on the client’s end.

In this case, you are the client, so the potential for this to happen is clearer but the same can be true in particular circumstances where a client’s issue too greatly reawakens inner conflict within a person because of a high similarity to an area of failure or past trauma of great severity, and the deep subconscious part of the practitioner’s mind recoils from the exercise at hand and may be subpar in the execution of the conscious self wanting to take on the enterprise, perhaps even with eagerness, and they may not appreciate there is some inner weakness that could limit their effectiveness. This is not a frequent occurrence but can happen occasionally. All you can ask of yourself is to do the best you can and refer someone on if things do not work out. This is not a failing, it is simply responding to events in an evenhanded way with the highest and best interests of the client in mind.