DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaAs a source of inspiration, the successful spy does seem to portray how just one person can make all the difference in an outcome that condemns or saves millions. Can Creator expand on this idea of how just one individual can make all the difference and the karmic weight of that responsibility embraced or ignored? Can the fate of humanity itself turn on the contributions of a single lightworker?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

In a sense, the fate of humanity routinely turns on the consequences brought about by individual lightworkers. The progress of humanity is incremental and while there are large-scale endeavors that create large movements of energy through their consequences, for the most part the progress in life for all is reflected in the combined efforts of billions of individual lives unfolding, and all of the decisions made and actions taken on many levels in many settings across time. If you think of this as a sea of energy and then think of it as heading somewhere or perhaps going around in circles and stagnant or even retreating, you can see that the sum total can be tracked, but what is harder to see is the individual contributions adding to the whole which, taken together, will govern progress or a possible setback.