DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersIs Lucifer confined to the Milky Way Galaxy alone? Is he looking for a way to break out to the greater universe? Is such a breakout even possible? Was Lucifer newly created for this round of the Free Will Experiment and likely to perish if the Divine Human Project fails? Or is he an ancient being many kalpas old? And if so, why did he fall, this time?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

True to form, Lucifer is yearning for greater power and reach always, but has become increasingly constrained and limited by divine interventions, requested through prayer, to provide a pushback to his influence and that of his brethren among the spirit meddlers. He, indeed, is an old soul and has been in existence in prior iterations of the universe. The problem of the fall from grace was very much the risk of leadership succumbing to the temptations in the possibility of evil so rewarding to an individual. The simple vices of greed and seeking glory are what caused his downfall and, as we have told you, it is more likely to happen amongst the most lofty rather than those at a lower level in spiritual attainment.

This is the paradox of the duality. In a sense, the spectrum of possibilities between good and evil is not a linear one, it is like a circle because the universe was not intended or built to fail, so even reaching the depths of depravity, that is an extreme from which one can only change for the better. So, in a sense, achieving the highest of heights will always create an opportunity for a misstep to start a downward trajectory. What this means is life will never be easy, never without responsibility to meet the challenges, which in a way can be hazards leading to a loss of huge significance potentially, depending on the resources and willingness to do what might be needed to stop the downward slide, and then the hard work to gain the former level of attainment—it will be much more difficult and require much more time than the fall from grace.

In the particular universe you find yourselves at the moment, things were more successful than the prior iteration, and Lucifer attained a much more lofty status as a consequence of the free will granted to him than in prior iterations of the universe, and this is a consequence of the energetics summed up in the saying, “the bigger they get, the harder they fall.” As the paradoxical consequence of attainment of power and reach energetically, he enjoyed the power and the latitude by the delayed karmic consequences in force to get into trouble and, when not handled personally with effectiveness, became quite treacherous and still posed great difficulty and uncertainty as to whether such a fall from grace could be surmounted successfully. It was a consequence of the ongoing dynamics that Lucifer’s dilemma could not be healed through the other angelics working to save him and praying for his rescue. It was the nature of the karma he generated through interacting with beings in the physical that became the business of those physical beings to counteract, and at the point he underwent his downward spiral, those physical beings were already suffering from a similar kind of complacency in taking for granted their achievements and their advanced lifestyle, and were neglecting their spirituality. As such, they were not able to summon divine help to cope with the encroachment in their world of Lucifer taking things in a dark direction and causing trouble for the physical extraterrestrials of that era.

So this did not happen in a vacuum, it was a consequence of the parallel existence among the life forms, each in their own way providing a weakening that amplified the negative choices being made on both sides, and that contributed to the degradation becoming unstoppable from either side of things. If there were an ability to communicate and see clearly what was going on, a combined effort from the angelic realm and the physical extraterrestrials involved in all that was going on, could have saved the day through a collaboration. That is the teachable moment you most need as humans today, because you are back in that same circumstance now that you are on the scene, and have been corrupted by Lucifer and his minions and, in addition, have the Extraterrestrial Alliance running your world and wanting to annihilate you. There is no time like the present as there may not be a tomorrow to partner with the divine, to work with all beings, including the angelics still in alignment, to go to work in earnest in new ways, to raise everyone up, especially these perpetrators who have endangered themselves and now everything else around them.