DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsWas all that doomsday preparation they did a kind of folly? Were her followers sold an interloper “bill of goods” and sent on a wild goose chase that arguably sidelined the movement, and neutered its genuine potential to awaken humanity? If the nuclear war she actually foresaw had come to pass, how would her community likely have fared?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

The vision she had of nuclear war was heavily reinforced by inner programming coming from the interlopers, but it was not a fantasy that was unrealistic. In actuality, the world has been saved from a global nuclear war that would have destroyed humanity, and this took place back in the 1960s to prevent nuclear war between the U.S. and Soviet Union that was set to happen and everything was being ramped up to bring it about. Divine intervention via John F. Kennedy in The White House was finally able to forestall this enough to put it on the back burner for a generation. But keep in mind, with many nations having nuclear warheads, that option is not only not off the table, so to speak, but is yet again planned to happen with the current war in Ukraine started by Russia—there is a globalist hope that World War III will come about and lead to a nuclear holocaust.

We are not saying this will happen or is likely. It is, to the extraterrestrials, a form of mischief. They have far more powerful and effective means to destroy humanity without hurting the planet, but their desire for causing suffering as an amusement, and particularly when they become dissatisfied with your suffering as a reward, seeing you as having no value whatsoever and, in fact, a thorn in their side, they are prone to seek vengeance to make you squirm all the more. They do not want humanity to be awakened and to see it coming. They fear the power of mass human consciousness; when it comes together for common cause, it can make things happen. They have seen this many times without realizing what is taking place is that common human yearnings are always accompanied by prayer, and it is the Divine, and divine power, joining in to form a partnership that ends up thwarting extraterrestrial mischief.

So they fear human consciousness and they fear human psychics, particularly, because they know their secrets can be observed intuitively. So it is an irony of the human experience, being subjugated as you are by a powerful Extraterrestrial Alliance in conjunction with dark demonic fallen angels they command and weaponize to drag you down, that what they fear the most is not you and your armies but spiritual people like the clergy, psychic mediums, and the free thinkers who take seriously, the numerous sightings of extraterrestrial craft, and experiencers of alien abduction, or seeing alien beings out and about, and escape their deliberate mind control manipulation to suppress beliefs in such things. They have engaged in relentless propaganda to make people look down on these fringe activities and believers with criticism of their being loosely hinged, engaged in conspiracy theories, and so on. So this is an irony of the current situation—they must use mind control manipulation to keep people in check, otherwise too many will see the truth and be able to convince others, and this can create significant complications for the extraterrestrial plans—so the idea of misdirecting psychics to make false claims that then discredit them in the eyes of others, as seers and prophets, is a perfect strategy, to use their own talents against them through a kind of inner manipulation with a vision and an encouragement to embrace it, knowing it is premature and will be seen as a huge failure to really have the psychic powers claimed.