DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsMrs. Prophet experienced early onset Alzheimer’s disease at age 58 and died twelve years later. She lost her ability to write in just two years, and her ability to speak not long after that. We learned from Creator that Alzheimer’s is actually the workings of the deep subconscious responding to the self’s desire to “escape” overwhelming anxiety stemming from a lifetime of emotional wounding. Did the pressures of leading a large spiritual community, feeling responsible for their welfare, the distress and fallout stemming from the inaccurate prediction of nuclear war, and all that entailed, and perhaps having no one to turn to, no one she could lean on and draw strength from, create the mental conditions leading to her Alzheimer’s and relatively early passing? Were spirit attachments a contributing factor, or was this some other form of victimization? Is she in the light, or does she need a Spirit Rescue?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is an insightful question because it addresses her dilemma. While the world has moved on, for the most part, turning their back on her because of her failure, seemingly, to see the future accurately, and thus be discredited in the eyes of many, she was not done with the challenges of life personally, and while the added burden of this shock and disappointment and embarrassment was extremely hurtful for her personally, she was greatly relieved that the prediction of mass death did not come about. Her illness and decline were indeed a consequence of a choice within herself to escape life, but it was not simply the burdens one can see on the surface, although challenging, and would be for anyone, what was not visible was the burdens deep within. She harbored many dark spirit attachments that carried out a campaign of bullying to a severe degree with mocking, name-calling, threats, and derision with nowhere for her to go to escape from the torment. The deep subconscious, being cut off from conscious awareness, is on its own and bears the brunt of such things. It can see much intuitively, and worry about it, but has no resources to come to its aid, and this is how people can begin to crumble from the tremendous ongoing stress and inner agony that saps their strength and keeps them in a chronic state of stress.

In addition to this, she was attacked directly by extraterrestrial programming and messages, both during the dream state and the waking state, where their thoughts became intrusive, and as she reached out intuitively for guidance, as with the channeled sources that misled her, she would connect to extraterrestrial psychics who would confront her, criticize her thinking, and create conflicts she had to struggle with mightily to resist, and this as well took a toll. They use such tactics to drive people to suicide and many times to tip them into madness. It is a testament to her strength that did not happen in her case, but it did prove too much for her, and her own self-protective instincts and need to escape a hopeless situation used the one pathway still open to her, which was to withdraw. This left her inner self completely isolated and alone, as before, but without conscious awareness of ongoing tormenting, so it was a solution for a part of her but a continued prison for a part of her still in the hands of the interlopers, the dark spirits targeted by them especially, to do their worst because, as a spiritual leader, she was a high-value target for the interlopers. She, indeed, was unable to go to the light on her passing but was eventually rescued as a consequence of many prayers said on her behalf so that she was raised up and eventually made her way to the light.