DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divinely Inspired MessengersWe are told healing the Extraterrestrial Alliance is the first and highest human priority. The Lightworker Healing Protocol has been assembled with Creator’s assistance to be the most effective vehicle for accomplishing this. We have asked within the Protocol to add the healing intentions of light beings, fallen angelics in rehabilitation, and even Creator. Would it make sense to add the healing intentions of the Cetaceans to the Protocol? In what other ways can whales partner with humans and the divine realm to bring about the needed success of the Free Will Experiment?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

It is beautiful that you are recognizing the benefits of sharing the planet with other magnificent species like the cetaceans, and we can tell you that the wisdom of the Lightworker Healing Protocol already incorporates this eventuality of inviting their participation because there are requests both for healing of Gaia and the contribution by everything within Gaia that wants the healing of the divine human to take place—to contribute their intentions for the purpose. So in addition to being natural healers that are already at their own volition working to heal humanity as they encounter humans and their influences, they are being invited by all of the users of the Lightworker Healing Protocol to join in with all the other beings, including the vast array of light beings, to do healing work in parallel for the betterment of the Divine Human Project which, after all, is intertwined with all of Gaia functionally as well as in a higher spiritual sense of shared experience and destinies. So humanity is being improved on a continual basis by all of the collective energies wanting to dispel the darkness and its corruption, and restore divine love and purpose in the most effective ways possible for the betterment of all. And nothing could be more beautiful than to have a partnership with nature in the fullest possible expression because that is embracing God in manifold ways, as everything is an extension of Creator’s love and the highest possible expression of energy it is possible to experience.