DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divinely Inspired MessengersWhat is the most effective way we can save the whales, in addition to more aggressively enforcing the worldwide ban on hunting and killing them?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

The most powerful and effective thing you can do is to heal the interlopers in the form of the dark spirits and the Extraterrestrial Alliance and its members. Their influence to make humans worse makes everything in the environment worse, indirectly. Not only are all the human technologies a potential negative stimulus causing distress among cetaceans and other sea creatures from all of the telecommunications, microwave signals, and the more intense worldwide coverage of WiFi signals posing a health hazard to humans, this is true for animals as well. Some species are more sensitive than others; the whales and dolphins are particularly sensitive and suffer to a greater extent than humans, in addition to which the numerous extraterrestrial technologies beaming various kinds of scalar energies and other electromagnetic emanations to perturb humans and induce subliminal programming can affect these sea creatures as well.

So to literally clean up the planet through ending the corruption from the interlopers would cause immediate benefits in wellbeing and long-term health across the planet for multiple species currently under siege by these corrupted technologies. Everything from insects like honeybees to the mass killings being observed among birdlife, you are seeing mass deaths from beached whales and dolphins, and this is a consequence of the bombardment with extraterrestrial energies not intending to kill them necessarily but done with reckless disregard for the negative effects on the environment. If you work to save the interlopers through their withdrawal from your planet so they stand down from their campaign of corruption, subjugation, and destruction, all of the Earth’s biosphere will begin to heal along with humans themselves and the net benefits will be felt across the board. There will be much greater awareness and sensitivity this time to the actual individual problems themselves with an ability to see more clearly what is needed and the nature of the problem, rather than to be programmed with a vague substitute for the truth, such as die‑offs of various species somehow being a consequence of global warming which is a misdirection to mask the truth. If humans do work in earnest to help the animals they share the planet with, this will not only improve the environment for humanity but will accrue great karmic blessings from the doing.