DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsWhen is refusing to trust a karmic misstep? What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago
The purpose of life is an expansion of possibilities in which individual soul-based beings participate in a healthy interchange. That will involve both giving and receiving of many things, through a series of interactions with others with a variety of intentions, opportunities, and conscious decisions made to mount various activities and projects for collaboration and engagement. Sending your energy into the world will have consequences, and that ultimately has a karmic signature, good or bad, or neutral, associated with what takes place. The Law of Karma will see you are rewarded, through good deeds and gestures, and will have a kind of debt to pay, perhaps in undergoing a punishment or backlash for wrongdoing of any kind that departs from good divine alignment. This is true of treatment of the self as well as others. This is a huge source of grief and disharmony experienced, often on a lifelong basis, by many who have come from prior lifetimes of self-denial, perhaps from bitterness over failures. This will create a lack of trust in the self, and that can be disabling because it is just as damning and damaging as not being able to trust others, or to be trusted by others, and shunned instead. There are many, many people who shun themselves, in effect, because of past failure, and they have given up on relying on themselves to solve their problems and find a way forward which could bring a solution for their suffering. So, in the basic equation energetically, the giving and receiving of love is the central currency that measures everything that happens. The level of vibration is what counts, whether lofty or lowly in nature. A love vibration will be amongst the highest of vibrations. The lack of trust is a rejection and automatically holds a low vibration, whether justified or not, because it is a recognition of something incomplete, something inadequate, and possibly a risk to others or the self. At a minimum, being unable to trust others will thwart many possible positive life experiences, keep a person on the sidelines, and stunt their growth as a consequence. All are karmic missteps because your responsibility is to the care and feeding of your soul. Anything that limits your soul expression and denies an opportunity for happiness is a kind of transgression even when it is a lost opportunity and not a directly harmful act of wrongdoing that is hurtful in the moment. Not trusting yourself or others is a withdrawal of your energy from the playing field, a disengagement, and the consequences will be recorded in the akashic records because it will be accompanied by a low vibration from being out of divine alignment, and thus constitutes a kind of wounding. That will remain on the record going forward and the Law of Karma will demand restitution. All too often someone with an inner weakness, like an inability to trust, will be challenged again and again by the Law of Karma to give them an opportunity to grow those muscles. If they fail to do so, there will be a comeuppance of some kind, and that will result in suffering, and that will compound, in turn, the size of the karmic obligation that will continue building until there is an eventual healing brought to bear. That can mount from lifetime to lifetime in a growing obstacle to progress that gets harder and harder to surmount. This is why karma is important and karmic consequences need to be kept in mind and addressed to see things are rebalanced and put right—that will pay many dividends.