DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessWe know consciousness cut off from life force energy eventually perishes if not rescued. Have some fallen angelics who were cut off at the time of the war in heaven, or since, already perished in this way? If so, is it ONLY the fallen angelics who have perished this way, since everyone else is still on “life support,” or are members of the Extraterrestrial Alliance in danger of joining them in this fate? What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

We can tell you there are many fallen angelics who have perished, and this was through their own poor choices to put themselves at risk, and they were simply ones less fortunate and less capable of finding a host in a timely way to keep supplying energy for their survival and became stranded, and then too weakened to take action of any kind, and eventually became depleted and their remaining energy was recycled and returned to the ground state as a part of the Zero Point Field, in keeping with the nomenclature of your science. That is true death, but only happens when it is self-chosen; the fact many beings have chosen their own demise should give all among the living something to think about in how to avoid a similar fate. Certainly, no amount of power, which is always fleeting, is worth an eventual decline into depravity and eventual oblivion with death of the being.