DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsCan Creator tell us how Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol can not only provide genuine safety but also divinely align our haphazard beliefs and outlook about it?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

These tools are not only the best way to request divine oversight, safety, and protection, but also remove inner roadblocks to recognizing and feeling safe when one achieves a higher plateau of comfort, inner peace, and equanimity. The overriding difficulty and fundamental problem of having so many negative beliefs cannot be dealt with by an individual themselves but only with outside help and only through the divine realm, for the most part, to achieve meaningful change. The irony is that the divine can effect quite rapid belief replacement with positive perspectives, depending on the width and depth of the underpinnings karmically for what is out of alignment. Some issues take longer than others to work through all of the underlying obstacles to healing, but usually the biggest obstacles are beliefs themselves, so when these can be changed one by one, eventually one will reach a state of freedom from such liabilities so they can function in a calm state of being, and face life’s challenges without exaggerated responses that quickly reach a state of near overwhelm from which a person must withdraw to save themselves, or even shut down through a kind of nervous exhaustion and precipitate a crisis as another means of escaping what they are feeling is an overwhelming danger to their well‑being, even when it has no name and face but is only feelings.

People can only tolerate just so much adversity, insecurity, and suffering, and when they reach their limit, a number of quite unpleasant things can happen. There can be the development of physical abnormalities as an outlet for that negative energy, and this may create a situation where they start on a downward spiral requiring medical treatment, often being misdiagnosed as a chronic malady, when it is entirely based on emotion and karmic trauma, and will not go away simply by covering it up with drugs to blot out feelings for a time. Only true karmic repair can rebalance things and allow a person to be restored, and perhaps for the first time, to a state of high functioning where they can truly make progress with their life, and not spend it entirely in trying to catch up from falling behind early and often when they feel too stressed to participate, and suffer the consequences from having an impaired life that singles them out for criticism and rejection all too often.

People do not want to associate with those they consider to be failures and it is often from fear. Most people have significant problems they struggle with themselves and simply cannot risk taking on someone else’s burdens. In addition, they do not know how to heal such things either, and being around someone who suffers unrelentingly will trigger their own inner fear and unhappiness, and so it is a risk to be around people who are downtrodden when one is not strong and confident to begin with. Empowered Prayer is a great starting point on all fronts to improve things, but the Lightworker Healing Protocol is a more definitive answer for the many varied sources of negativity, all of which can work in concert to become a formidable foe in reckoning with life. Using the Protocol is the very best way to partner with Creator to regain the high ground, make up for deficiencies, and maximize one’s potential for reaching life goals and truly excel.

Most people never carry out their life mission planned prior to their incarnation, they fall by the wayside when life proves too difficult and challenging, and that will misdirect a person and preoccupy them with distractions and diversions, and every time it takes something away will hold a person back all the more. So most people end up on a kind of treadmill and never truly advance and, in fact, may well continue falling behind as their life difficulties mount when they are not dealt with effectively through healing in the moment or within a reasonable span of time, to keep the person in fighting trim. That is possible to achieve by applying the Lightworker Healing Protocol to raise them up, work through the backlog of unhealed karmic trauma, and deal with new things as they come along in a rapid fashion, and that will keep people in the game as effective advocates for their interests and goals, and able to take care not only of themselves but their loved ones.

When healing is provided in an effective way, that is when people can truly thrive and become the fullest expression of their soul and what it is capable of being. There are many things standing in your way; if you want to make your life count, you will likely need healing to deal with all that is being thrown at you and will be coming in the future. Those who do not know the strength of the darkness that is lining up against them will be powerless to survive in the face of the onslaught. Using Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol, you can become a champion and rise above the fray, and not only survive but become a true champion for the light, and this will be an achievement that will stand for all of time, but you must decide to act and then do it, for this to happen.