DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit PossessionIn a recent televised episode of the program, Diagnose Me, a woman named Erica underwent a forced psychiatric hospitalization after becoming delusional and violent while exhibiting demonic possession symptoms. She was ultimately diagnosed as having anti-NMDA antibodies, and recovered after receiving plasmapheresis and Rituximab. Were any of her symptoms actually caused by spirit possession that was capitalizing on her physical vulnerability from the biochemical abnormality?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago
Your creativity is showing you the truth here, through your intuitive knowings, that this was simply spirit possession under unusual circumstances where there was a definable vulnerability being exploited within the nervous system to make the spirit presence more discernible by the host and, in particular, its words and acting on its instructions because they were perceived by the conscious mind very clearly. This is because the neurologic alteration from the biochemical abnormality present in her system was acting to suppress certain functions of the mind that normally are a kind of brake on perceiving nonlocal consciousness. It is much like having the difficulty of a mind that is always busy and thinking things being unable to do two things at once, but when quieted, another level of the mind can possibly make its thoughts known, as well as the receipt of intuitive impressions coming from beyond the self, will be much easier as well. This was an interesting but undocumented example of an individual who was not simply lucky in returning, through the medical treatment, to a prior state of greater inner strength capable of resisting spirit possession influences, but rather the conjunction of interested parties who felt badly about the plight of this patient and prayed for her privately. It was those prayers that allowed the divine realm to remove the dark spirits, and that is why there was a quieting of the worst of her psychotic symptoms and a gradual fade of things she was influenced to do on her own by the spirit presence tormenting her, and wanting to alter her mind to create delusions that would self-perpetuate, as they always endeavor to put in place, so the victim will torment themselves and they reap the benefits. Those residues within cellular memory, of the prior spirit-induced misconduct, then faded over time once the spirits were gone.