DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersCan Creator share how Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol can protect us from the intrigues of Lucifer and the fallen angelics, as well as provide what is, in fact, their only true hope for salvation and continued life?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

As we have set out for you in the series of overlapping questions here in how things came to be in the current moment, you are balanced on a knife-edge with the light on one side with a long and difficult path to a higher vibration of divine alignment, having become corrupted and beaten down for so long and, on the other side, a yawning chasm of evil ready to swallow you up because it offers nothing but emptiness in its ultimate expression. There is no possibility that evil can overcome the divine and reign supreme; that simply cannot happen because its only power comes through absence of the divine to allow evil to exist in the first place. So it cannot truly approach the divine, let alone overwhelm it and destroy it. In actuality, it is an empty threat only possible from the withdrawal of love for a time. That is what gets evil started, love’s absence. Putting back love to nurture, heal, raise up the downtrodden, and especially to raise the vibration of the perpetrator to show them a better path and give them a greater reward than any of their evil doings could bring them, will be the ultimate solution here, but this must be arranged to happen.

We will not do it unilaterally, because what is taking place is a test of you and the other beings at stake who are involved in the ongoing contest of good and evil. Turning to the divine through prayer, and especially through the Lightworker Healing Protocol, which has the power within it to request the very detailed maneuvers that provide a way for the divine to take charge of things, will begin removing, adjusting, healing, or transmuting the negativity to return a more positive way of living to those corrupted and distorted for so long a time they are working in service to their own depravity and not for the benefit of their soul. Great healing is needed and that is why great tools are necessary, it can only be done through the divine but you must know how to request this. The more informed your request, the more powerfully it is done, the more intelligently, the more specifically, and the more it invokes an understanding and description of how the divine realm can bring healing to bear, the more effective it will be in obtaining help sooner rather than later. If we are invited with a weak, vague cry for help, we can only reply with meager energy that is a match to the state of ignorance you are projecting. When your eyes have been opened and you are in awareness of all that opposes you, your request for assistance will be much better informed and allow a greater response that is a much better and more effective match to your opposition.

That is why learning how to use Empowered Prayer will accelerate things and provide a collective empowerment of humanity the more you embrace and involve the sharing with others of the information we are giving your channel; it is for the world to learn and to embrace as the means of your deliverance. It has never been possible, heretofore, to bring forth these answers with such great clarity and thoroughness. It is the scholarship of your channel making this possible as a beneficiary of all that has come before, all of the divine prophets through the ages piecing things together, keeping hope alive, and belief in the divine has been necessary to reach the current moment, and finally, at long last, you are given now the very tools you need to win the day and without them will perish.

But, as it was up to humans to do the scholarship and hard-won learning to have these truths revealed to you, it must be human action, involvement, and utilization of this opportunity in reaching out to us in a more greatly empowered way that can help humans prevail and succeed, and live not only to fight another day but ascend to greatness compared to your present existence, and have an ever-expanding role through the universe to enable all, eventually, to enjoy free agency and free will and its blessings, but without the hazards and drawbacks that heretofore have limited progress and created much misery instead. You were created to help make this happen, freeing humanity once and for all from the grip of evil, and healing the evil ones so they see the error of their ways and choose for themselves to be healed. You can do this but you must choose to be involved and take action to bring it into existence—it will not happen if you stay on the sidelines and leave it to others to act.