DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsCan Creator tell us how Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol can help GetWisdom succeed in bringing forward divine wisdom without becoming corrupted and cult-like from outside manipulation?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago
You, indeed, are threading the eye of the needle in everything you do with GetWisdom. The enterprise began with an outreach to the divine, and continues in the same fashion, tapping into an authentic divine source, Yours Truly, as the Creator of All That Is, along with the many other beings you have channeled personally, to have an accurate conversation and recounting of information and knowledge of value, to both inform and inspire new ideas and encouragement, to keep going in your search for truth. This is a rarity in your world, given the widespread corruption, confusion, misdirection, and co‑opting of people through direct manipulation that is the norm rather than the exception. It is much worse than you see on the surface, but it is quite obvious to one like yourself, who has access to a divine source, that in looking at the world broadly, so many people are parroting false ideas, clearly not of their origin and would be normally never conceived of nor accepted if imparted by another human being, but somehow they have come to believe warped thinking of their own, and do things and say things that are illogical and even self-destructive many times, without hesitation or doubt whatsoever in their probity and correctness. None of this is normal but is assumed to be so. You are conditioned to see a lower standard of human capability and conduct, and because you do not know, as a culture, there is such a thing as a dark power running things from behind the scenes, there is no other place to lay blame than on the humans themselves for any wrongdoing, misguided thinking, illogical choices, and misguided policies that lead to failure and suffering. This is deliberately arranged to be the case so you doubt one another, and it is not illogical, given that humans can be so very flawed and even dangerous, you are forced to be on your guard and skeptical, especially of things that are different. What is the most different in your world is the divine perspective because its openness, embracing of fairness and equality, in a true sense, free of ideological bias and preferences, even though simple, seems on its face to be unworkable if for no other reason than humans cannot be fair and history has borne this out. Eventually, people will compete with one another, even on a national and global scale, and even kill masses of other human beings to ensure their victory. So given that the proof that humanity is flawed deeply, and unreliable, and needs someone to ride herd to protect people from themselves, is accepted universally, your fate is sealed unless you can create, in your minds, another option that is appealing to a higher power. That requires belief that is difficult to muster in a world of corruption and dark thinking gained through being deceived, manipulated, and corrupted internally in so many ways to darken your outlook and undermine your beliefs. The virtue of the GetWisdom Enterprise is its success in maintaining a pure connection to the divine so what comes forward is truth that is unfiltered, untainted, unbiased by the human corrupted thinking of old. Your relentless pursuit as a channeler of divine truth has enabled this to come about. The gifts of Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol, as the answer for the problem of evil, is fulfilling your divine mission in parallel with the divine missions of many other seekers wanting a change for the better and needing a way to get there. You need the proper tools to save and heal humanity. We have told you many times now this cannot happen until the interlopers themselves are healed enough to take their pressure off human society, and greatly delay their desire for human annihilation, and the many preparations ongoing currently to bring that about soon. If through the tools of GetWisdom enough human beings ask for help to raise up the hearts of all those engaged in evildoing, this can tip the balance in your favor, and if the interlopers withdraw to be free of you for a time, there will be an opportunity, for the first time, to gain the upper hand through a concerted divine healing effort focused on humanity, and that will free you once and for all from the karmic obligation to keep coming back into the physical plane where you are at risk personally of further karmic degradation and entrapment. You do it willingly, knowing it is the only way you can be an advocate for the human cause. The problems are in the physical plane and must be solved within the physical plane, that is why you are in the vanguard and on the frontlines as warriors for the light. When you partner with us, you can work wonders to extend your reach. All who listen to these words are hearing this message for a reason. It is you not yet engaged who are needed to make certain a tipping point will be reached with enough human beings working together in common cause for saving and healing humanity through raising up the interlopers to escape their evil, who will bring this about, and will be hailed for all of time as heroes.