DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsMrs. Prophet talked a great deal about angels, and how they were humanity’s appointed divine guardians, advocates, and helpers. In her book, I am Your Guard: How Archangel Michael Can Protect You, she talked about how one can set up a tube of light around oneself for protection. She relates this story: In Ghana, a man named Jacob was to die by firing squad. For hours prior he said decrees and visualized a tube of protecting light around him. When the guns fired, all the prisoners except Jacob fell dead. The soldiers reloaded and fired again, but he remained standing. They reloaded and fired a third time, and he remained unharmed. Frightened, the authorities let him go and he eventually became one of Ghana’s ambassadors. What can Creator tell us about this story?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago
This story is literally based on truth. Not all of the particulars are accurately described, but this was a divine miracle that was arranged to happen for a lofty purpose in providing feedback in a way for those involved to be impressed, and to validate their leaning towards acceptance of the divine in their lives as a guiding force and example. The occurrence of miracles is often a surprise because so many prayers seem to be unanswered, but we can tell you that when they are answered, it is always because someone is in alignment enough to allow bestowing divine grace in a more visible way than would otherwise be the case. Many prayers are answered long, long after the prayer is launched, at which time it will often not be perceived that finally, at long last, the prayer is being answered because it might come in a different form, in a different time and place, and for a different dilemma than originally prompting the prayer request in the first place. But nonetheless, what may well be happening is the individual, who reaches out for divine help, is living a life with a karmic quandary and destiny depending on their return to divine alignment in some way to allow the Law of Karma to let them off the hook, so to speak, and allow their life to go more smoothly and have fewer problems, setbacks, and suffering, all of which are an answer to prior difficulty that was not dealt with in the best way. And the Law of Karma brings around to them again and again, similar challenges to prompt a reckoning, and until the person learns how to heal themselves, they may never escape this cycle of karmic repetition. That is why a distant future dilemma might be the time when a prayer for help is finally answered, because when launched initially, the individual who was suffering might not have been fully believing the divine would help them, and in the interim, their belief quotient has strengthened, or it might simply be that a later event proved easier to solve than the original dilemma for which the prayer was made and the lower belief quotient, being inadequate to the task, could be tapped later because it was sufficient for a future problem of somewhat less complexity and severity. So there are many reasons for varied results. When something dramatic happens, there is a high purpose for a more public display of divine intervention. As always, it is easily discounted through simple denial, even of eyewitnesses who were present. Not only will non-believers be unable to believe in miracles and will remain in denial of what their eyes have shown them, many who are part of such an event will be manipulated heavily with mind control to discourage the notion something special happened. The interlopers love to discourage you, to pull the rug out from under you when you are at your peak of power and accomplishment. No matter what the reason, it irks them to see you happy when their desire is for you to always be suffering. When someone cheats death, in particular, this might bring forth a subsequent reprisal to see to things more to their liking, but sometimes divine grace can clear a path for someone to persist, and for the divine grace to win out, and that is a beautiful thing when someone is brought back from the brink of death and restored—it is an ultimate demonstration of partnering with the divine to help truth prevail.