DWQA QuestionsCategory: Higher SelfCan Creator share how prayer work and the Lightworker Healing Protocol will help each of us exponentially increase the treasure we can store up in heaven?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

What you are advocating in the recommendation of prayer and using the Lightworker Healing Protocol is a direct extension of the message Christ was giving about, in effect, sweat equity, that nothing happens without it first being desired at the human level. This is the gift you have been given. The fact you might see it as a punishment or a penalty, living in a difficult world and a difficult life and not realizing it is your choice to do so, which puts you at a disadvantage, the messages you are hearing make clear you have far greater choices available to you. If you follow the admonition to work towards the treasures in heaven, starting with the here and now, you will only have joy and greatness to look forward to in your future. The way to get there is through preparation. You are in a state of disconnection from the divine, not of your choosing but enforced on you by the interlopers. You can use prayer as a substitute for having a direct interplay with Creator in your mind. If you let the disconnection imposed upon you truly disconnect you from a partnership, that becomes a choice you have made and will have consequences and you must be left on your own by the divine because you are choosing that in accepting the disconnection as your reality. You need not accept this state of affairs. Every thought you have is heard by Creator, but it is not enough to exist—to receive divine guidance and support, you must ask for your divine partner to take part in your life in some way.

We can tell you there are many things the divine can do to help you all along the way. The most powerful is to use the Lightworker Healing Protocol which, in effect, is like a series of high-level informed prayer requests about the many sources of negativity affecting humans in the physical, and this will help right the wrongs of history and the ongoing manipulation constraining your society and harming you personally, and to bring healing not only for you and the challenges you face and the shortcomings you might be facing with physical frailty, emotional insecurity, financial difficulty, and troubled and unsatisfying relationships. There is a path to make things much, much better through healing the interlopers keeping you constrained, keeping you restricted from the full flower of your potential as divine extensions. You must grow into this. You must work on growing those treasures, often through healing the obstacles in the way. You cannot be given what you do not ask for; if you ask with but faint heart and faint hope, you can only receive a faint reply. There is much needing healing within every person in order to be at their best, and also to be in the best divine alignment to effect an untroubled and rapid return to the light when their body eventually becomes unusable and they must end their time in the physical. These are the only tools you need to work on the problem to build that spiritual equity that will reward you in the hereafter.

This has been long talked about but is the clearest message that was allowable by your overseers who, indeed, have corrupted everything, including religion, to misdirect and misinform. Some truths have gotten through nonetheless. You are being given truth here in every word spoken. You can build and strengthen a partnership with the divine that can see you through and make all the difference. If you can solve the problem of evil, which is your life purpose, the rewards will be beyond your imaginings. This will take a concerted effort. There need to be many more awakened to the truth of this and inspired to again take up prayer and, in particular, healing in a high-level way that can actually work. It is the divine realm who truly know how to heal things and have the wherewithal to deal with the interlopers in your midst. If they can be healed sufficiently to withdraw and leave you unencumbered, your healing can take place rapidly and this will be followed by a glorious ascension that has been long foreseen and long promised, but without a fundamental awareness that it will never happen unless people take action and see to the healing of their world actively and not passively.

Harboring hope is a bridge to a better future, but if it is all you do it will not be enough. Hope must lead to a marshaling of inner resolve, knowing there is truth in what we say, to make an effort to change things for the better, that is all that needs to happen. If everyone adopted prayer and learned how to heal through the divine realm, the world would change for the better immediately. You need to take action yourself; you cannot count on others doing this for you, and you need to encourage others as well to take up the cause and devote something of their energy and intention for the betterment of all; there is nothing of greater purpose or value—you will be creating the treasures in the future as you go.